Information Regarding RIIWHS204D Work Online In Heights Courses

In a work environment, if an employee is required to work in high places, the employer is responsible for providing the necessary training to reduce the risk of injury. Workers must know how to take the correct precautions to prevent accidents and reduce the likelihood of serious injury from falls.

RIIWHS204D working at heights course online is the recommended best practice and failure to follow it can result in fines and fines for employers. To meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 2011, you must find a way to complete the necessary training.

What are the training requirements for RIIWHS204D?

When choosing a training provider for your working at heights course online, you only need to select an approved provider. Suppliers must cooperate with the RIIWHS204D competency unit for the scope approved and state-approved by RTO and ASQA.

There are also specific requirements for evaluating students’ competencies. Assessors who have completed the course must comply with industry regulations for certification. This evaluation is necessary for you to obtain a statement of achievement.

The government recommends conducting an assessment in the sector’s work environment. For example, if you work in the mining field, the evaluator should perform the evaluation based on knowledge relevant to that industry.

Also, the evaluator must have some degree of experience in the evaluated worker’s industry. For example, when evaluating workers working in the civil construction industry, the evaluator must have at least 5 years of experience.

Students have no educational requirements. There are no prerequisites for completing this course. All workers working in high places must receive the necessary training. However, providers often recommend that students have basic English and math skills.

How is the RIIWHS204D training delivered?

Online and in-person training is available. However, you must complete a real face-to-face course to earn a real competency unit for RIIWHS204D. These courses are typically offered at least 8 hours a day, including in-person training and assessment.

It takes 8 hours to complete the entire standard course, but the total time may vary depending on the number of participants. If there are fewer than 4 students, class time may be slightly reduced. If there are more than 15 students, it is common for the course to last a little longer.
Order picker training is sometimes recommended to retrain or for new participants to understand the theory. However, these online courses do not provide participants with the certification provided through direct training.

Why should I complete RIIWHS204D?

The RIIWHS204D replaces the RIIOHS204A working at heights course online, designed to teach participants how to work safely on scaffolds, ladders, and other equipment or environments with risk of falls and injuries.

This course combines practical education and theory to teach the basics of working safely in a high position. You will learn how to assess the safety of your equipment and the steps necessary to reduce the risk of injuries, such as the proper use of anchor points or protective gear.

RIIWHS204D is recommended for anyone who works in high places. This can include people involved in drilling, mining, mining, and civil engineering.

How much does the RIIWHS204D training cost?

The average price for RIIWHS204D training is $ 255 and takes one day to complete. However, providers can charge reasonable fees for these processes. There are several providers in Sydney that offer courses at $ 230 per student. For Melbourne and Brisbane, the cost ranges from $ 220 to $ 270.

Providers can offer discounts to employers who need group training. Group training is the most cost-effective and efficient when more than one employee needs to complete the training.


You must visit the Heights Safe Work Course in person to receive your certificate. This course generally lasts 8 hours and combines practical and observational training. There are online courses available, but most of them are intended to provide training on the topics covered in the course.

Importance Of Food Safety Trainings

Food safety training and practice has now become a core requirement for every food business now a days. If you are someone who runs a restaurant, a hotel or even a small kiosk, it is important that you undergo food safety certificate courses as they are highly beneficial not only for increasing your clientele and profitability of the business but also to keep your business to run smoothly. If you are wondering why it is important to have being certified for this particular area or what difference would such a training make, then below are some of the important aspects you need to understand regarding food safety. Let’s find that out;

  1. Consistency

One of the most important aspects of such a training is that these trainings help you in being consistent with your safe practices in order to offer safety of products and food and offer things that are compliant with the rules and regulations stated by the law for the food business. It is very important for the restaurant business to ensure that consistency is being met in the right manner so that no complaints are being raised by the customer.

  1. Due Diligence

When you have taken food safety trainings, you understand the aspect from the customers view point and also from the food authorities’ point of view as well.  This means that you become careful and take proper due diligence activities in order to serve your customers with the best. As a result, your working activities result in making you responsible to meet the legal requirements and being compliant with the official food and safety laws.

  1. Cost Efficient

With the help of these trainings, you learn improved and better ways of conducting your daily tasks with regards to preparing of food. As a result, this leads to making you one of the cost efficient owners where maximum output is delivered by investing little amount of money over it. Not only this, but you actually tend to improve your working practices by ensuring that no food is wasted or that no extra usage of ingredients or other items is done hence, making you cost efficient and saving up money.

  1. Health

One of the most important factors in the food industries is to offer food to the customers which is healthy and made with safe practices. In other words, it can be said that you are responsible for offering the right food to your customers while ensuring that their health is taken care of hence, these trainings allow you to understand the important of customer service and their health which is a core requirement for sustaining in the business.

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