Different Types Of Materials Used During A Child’s Early Stage

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Decodable books are made in a such way to help early readers and motivate them. The story they tell are quite simple and the picture make them even more interesting. Clearly, these books are important during a child’s early stage. The basis need to be concrete for him/her to develop academically and personally as well. Thereby, to make your child more interested in reading and to guide them you can always get the help of decodable books.Creating a concrete base for a child is a mandatory task. It is the key to develop his/her skills, talents and education. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to give the child a proper pre-school experience using correct materials. There are various products that can be used to develop the numerous skills of a child. Here are some products that can be used to develop the respective skill.

Tactile Learning
Developing the sense of touch is very important as it will develop their physical abilities, arts and crafts and even social and emotional characteristics. For this purpose various products can be used. Giving a toddler clay and building blocks to play with is one way to start. But make sure these are done under adult supervision. As the child moves up to the preschool stage you can assign him/her art projects, get them involve in acting, provide stencils and shapes to trace using fingers. You can add natural things like feathers, tree barks, leaves, flowers, sand and other products like cotton, popsicle sticks, pebbles and more. These items can be found easily in your surrounding.

Pronunciation and reading
decodable-booksThe speaking ability of a human is very important. Teaching the child the correct pronunciations from the early stage might be a bit tricky but it is very crucial. For this you can start off with audios. Try to find ones with visuals and subtitles. Nursery rhymes is another fun way to guide the child in the direction of proper language. To develop reading you can always use semi-decodable reading books. This will help the child practice using the phonic code which is very simple. The child will develop the reading skills in an easy manner.

Many of shave bad handwriting. A child needs to be guided from holding the pencil to writing letter. This way he/she will avoid scribbling in unrecognizable letter. To do so you can use rubber bands as a strap of support to teach him/her the three finger technique which is the correct way to hold the pencil. Tracing letters using fingers can be used to teach them the letters and numbers. Also, decodable books for kids might come in handy as well. The child can look at the shape of the letter to have an idea of how it should be written.Developing the many skills of a child from the initial stage is very important. So make sure your home environment or the nursery has the necessary products to help guide the child. For more information, please log on to https://thereadingmountain.org/phonics-reading-books/.